Adult Pink Plush Gorilla Costumes

Adult Pink Gorilla Costume

Adult Pink Gorilla Costume

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Deluxe pink plush adult gorilla suits are a perfect and novel way to catch attention for promotional or business use, sporting events or school pep rallies, parades, dancing at festivals, or just plain monkeying around. Contains everything pictured, including hands, feet & mask. We also sell black gorilla suits.


  • New in manufacturer's box, w/ with UPC for resale
  • Ship weight is 6 lbs
  • Machine washable


Machine wash with cold water after use to avoid smelling like a large ape. Note: this item is non-returnable for sanitation reasons. These should fit most adults, but may be cumbersome on smaller teens or small women weighing less than 80lbs, and will not fit very comfortably on adults weighing more than 350lbs. If you are a 7 foot tall sumo wrestler please take note of sizing recommendations.


Sold by the pair. Minimum purchase is 2 suits. If you need just one, or to compare our bulk pricing, shop pink gorilla suits on amazon

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5 Star ReviewJeff S - Feb 4, 2015

I am a pretty big guy at 5 foot 11 and my girl is 5 foot 6. We ordered a pair and the gorilla costumes and they fit both of us just fine, it really has enough give in all the right places to fit most people. Was worried about it being a sweat lodge, but ventilation is surprisingly good even on account of all the dancing. Be warned you will get lots of attention and stares if you wear this in public. Word to the wise: throw it in the freezer for a bit and it will kill all the bacteria in between washings. It is not the sweat, but the bacteria that cause the funk. See you out on the dancefloor,


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