Animal Replicas

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Our animal novelties and toy animal figures are suited for resale in gift shops at zoos and aquariums, art projects, or promotional use. We sell in bulk by the case, allowing you to save big as you are receiving actual wholesale pricing. These are the same products you find at amusement parks or in stores and everything we sell is new in original packaging.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 10" Alligator Replica 10" Alligator Replica $0.71
Bulk 10" Squeaker Shark 10" Squeaker Shark $1.46
Bulk 12" Jumbo Turtle 12" Jumbo Turtle $9.24
Bulk 2" Rubber Turtles 2" Rubber Turtles $0.35
Bulk 3" Dino Fossil Kit 3" Dino Fossil Kit $1.83
Bulk 3" Growing Dinosaur Egg 3" Growing Dinosaur Egg $0.92
Bulk Fake Mouse Fake Mouse $2.64
Bulk Flamingo Yard Ornaments Flamingo Yard Ornaments $3.88
Bulk Four Ball Caterpillar Puffer Four Ball Caterpillar Puffer $1.72
Bulk Glowing Dinosaurs Glowing Dinosaurs $0.61
Bulk Growing Aquarium Growing Aquarium $0.87
Bulk Growing Dinosaur Growing Dinosaur $0.95
Bulk Growing Dinosaur Egg Growing Dinosaur Egg $2.32
Bulk Growing Sea Animals Growing Animals $1.14
Bulk Poison Dart Frog Figurine Poison Dart Frog Figurine $0.15
Bulk PVC Dinosaur PVC Dinosaur $9.60
Bulk Rubber Fish Rubber Fish $6.21
Bulk Sealife Animals Sealife Animals $0.35
Bulk Small 1" Turtles Small 1" Turtles $1.34
Bulk Snorting Rainbow Pigs Snorting Rainbow Pigs $1.74
Bulk Toy Starfish Toy Starfish $0.22
Bulk Toy Turtles Toy Turtles $1.03
Bulk Tropical Fish Toys (12 ct) Tropical Fish $1.57
Bulk Whale Shark Squeakers Whale Shark Squeakers $1.32

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