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Bring out creativity with simple arts and crafts novelties, and paint sets or coloring items. D.I.Y. projects and 'build your own kits' inspire kid's imagination, and help them learn many important skills while they accomplish these fun tasks. Crayons and other inexpensive art toys are great for the classroom, church, camp or even for redemption. We offer wholesale pricing to all.

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Bulk 3" Dino Fossil Kit 3" Dino Fossil Kit $1.83
Bulk Art Sets Art Sets $6.20
Bulk Christmas Coloring Mug Christmas Coloring Mug $1.18
Bulk Color Paint Sets Color Paint Sets $0.77
Bulk Coloring Mugs Coloring Mugs $1.09
Bulk Craft Sand Craft Sand $1.78
Bulk DIY Award Medals DIY Award Medals $0.31
Bulk DIY Design Duck DIY Duck $0.32
Bulk Fluorescent Window Marker Fluorescent Window Marker $1.49
Bulk Light Up Memo Board Light Up Memo Board $4.66
Bulk Magic Sand Magic Sand $1.22
Bulk Make Your Own Ball Kit Make Your Own Ball Kit $0.48
Bulk Mini Paint Set Paint Set $0.29
Bulk Neon Chalkboard Neon Chalkboard $0.29
Bulk Ping Pong Balls Ping Pong Balls $14.39
Bulk Plastic Funnels Plastic Funnels $0.85
Bulk Sand Art Bottle Sand Art Bottle $0.68
Bulk Sand Art Bracelet Sand Art Bracelet $3.36
Bulk Sand Art Necklace Sand Art Necklace $0.30
Bulk Swirl Paint Machine Swirl Paint Machine $1.52
Bulk White Baseball cap White Baseball cap $1.46
Bulk Zoo Animal Crayons Zoo Animal Crayons $0.15
Ping Pong Balls (144 ct) Ping Pong Balls $16.98

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