BARFume Puke Vomit Spray

BARFume Puke Spray

BARFume Puke Spray
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From the mad laboratory of perfumery that created Liquid Ass, we are nauseated to introduce you to a prank spray that smells even worse. Yes, BARFume truly is the ultimate *gag* gift. I just threw up a little in my mouth. While the exact formula is a highly guarded proprietary secret, this mixture is both non-toxic & non-flammable, and yet the scent will permeate for hours & will haunt you at night. This product has been discontinued, but is available on amazon


Our website isn't equipped to allow you to smell this through your computer, but trust us when we say this isn't your grandmas puke novelty spray. No, we are talking '90 degree has been baking in the sun all day sour milk', with a touch of diaper and a bit of dumpster thrown in for good measure.  Each bottle contains 1 full ounce of clear liquid, and all you need is a few drops at most. To use, discretely spray any surface and get out of the area. Works best indoors or where there is less ventilation. Also checkout our stink bombs.

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5 Star ReviewZymetrical Fan - Jan 31, 2012

If it smelled any more like dead cheese and putrid milk, then it would probably not be sold legally...anywhere. This vile concoction is nothing short of its title. Barfume...indeed it is. Yuk. WARNING: This stuff is VERY pungent and it permeates through clothing. Keep it away from your body, or sleep outdoors.

5 Star Reviewmanuel mejia - Dec 2, 2011

this product was the best ever.. once i got it i was excited to use it on my friends and it had me laughing all week.. thanks zymetrical keep selling great products...

5 Star ReviewJohnnyRottenNJ - Jun 23, 2011

I have concocted the perfect prank for a movie theater. Find a theater with a balcony. Sit in the front row up in the balcony section. Start making wretching sounds, dump a can of vegetable soup over the edge, and then top it off with a few good healthy sprays of barfume. It should turn the whole theater into a pukefest. I have not done this yet, BUT I WILL.

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