Blood Body Parts

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From fake gory arms and hacked off lims, and fake brains to blood capsules and fake brains, we have you covered. If you need fake props for Halloween, or stage, you have found gore superstore. Toggle the "in stock" to view all items.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk Blood Capsules Blood Capsules $0.73
Bulk Bloody Brain Bloody Brain $5.82
Bulk Bloody Gloves Bloody Gloves $2.43
Bulk Bloody Razorblade Bloody Razorblade $0.81
Bulk Fake Floating Eyeball Fake Floating Eyeball $1.21
Bulk Fake Foot Fake Foot $8.10
Bulk Fake Human Leg Bone Fake Leg Bone $2.42
Bulk Glow in Dark Brain Prop Glow in Dark Brain Prop $5.77
Bulk Gory Foot Gory Foot $7.90
Bulk Horrible Finger Horrible Finger $1.28
Bulk Mooning Party Shorts Mooning Party Shorts $5.50
Bulk Nail Through Finger Nail Through Finger $0.72
Bulk Nail Thru Head Nail Thru Head $1.58
Bulk Pig Noses Pig Noses $0.85
Bulk Tattoo FX Shot Stabbed Tattoo FX Shot Stabbed $2.97
Bulk Tattoo FX Stapled Stitched Tattoo FX Stapled Stitched $2.97
Gory Leg Props Gory Leg Props $12.10
Pig Noses Retail Pig Noses Retail $0.88

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