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These small miniature letter rubber ducks are cute and interactive tool to use when teaching young preschool aged kids the alphabet. There are 26 different duckies, making the complete alphabet from A to Z, and each features the upper case & lower case version of said letter, Aa, Bb, Cc, and so on. Cleverly, each lettered duck is shaped like something that starts with the corresponding letter. For instance, the "B" duck resembles a bumblebee and the "T" duck resembles a tiger. M is for monster, and N is for ninja. This is a new and unique way to incorporate learning and fun into your childs spelling routine. Each duck is approximately 2" and does float, but not upright as they are not weighted. 26 ducks per unit.


Sold in multiples of 260 pcs (10 units). If you need just one set, shop for alaphabet ducks on amazon

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