Assorted Plastic Insects

Assorted Plastic Insects

Bulk Assorted Plastic Insects

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These colorful plastic toy insects range in size from 2" to 4", making great props, education tools, or they can even be used for playing pranks or art projects. Fake crawly insects also make great fillers for museum shop "bulk bins" which allow kids to pick and choose their own favorites. The various buggy designs include grasshoppers, spiders, ants, centipedes, roaches, caterpillars, dragonflys, and more.


40 gross (5760) bugs per case, minimum purchase 1/2 case (2880). These are not for sale individually. Buy small quantities of fake plastic insects on amazon

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5 Star ReviewAngela - Nov 17, 2010

It was so easy to find and use your website! I googled searched fake bugs and there you were at the top of the page. A great assortment at a great price. My son and his friends are all about some bugs (and anything that grosses me out), and these are so cheap he can share with his buddies. Ill definitely be back. ~Angela


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