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Discretely place this whistle into your victims tailpipe, or your own if you desire, and wait for them to take their ride out for a drive. Pretty soon, they will hear a loud, annoying Woo-Woo noise and will be puzzled trying to figure out where that noise is coming from. Two whistles will be needed for dual exhaust systems. Please be sure to fit the exhaust whistle in tightly, otherwise it may become a flying projectile as the car accelerates- unless of course, that is your intention, in which case, we are not responsible for damages and or injuries. Install time: 10-30 seconds. Fun: hours.


Directions included with package. May also be referred to as "Auto Whistle" or "Whistle Tip". 24 dozen per case, each in blister packaging as pictured for resale. Minimum bulk purchase is 6 dozen. Need less? Shop exhaust whistles on amazon

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