2 inch Blue Metal Cow Bells

Blue Cowbells

Bulk Blue Cowbells
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Less cow bell? Clearly that is not an option for those in the know. The time has come to come down with a case of the blue bells. A must ad to the collection of sports fans everywhere. We would love to see what would happen if the Cameron Crazies got a hold of these! Not a sports guy? That's ok because you will find that friends can't get enough of having these things rung in their ears! Not to mention the practicality; what better way to ring than with a blue bell when you are out of ice cream.


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Use them as they are, or customize them yourself for a unique fundraising idea for little league and school sports teams everywhere! These gems stand 3" tall and are 2" wide, weighing in at a light and easy to carry 3 ounces. Sturdy, all metal construction ensures durability.

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