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Squeeze this foil pouch and it begins to inflate instantaneously. Throw it quickly — like a grenade or a hot potato —and within 3-5 seconds .... POW! The toy bomb bag will explode with a big bang that should catch your victims off guard. These are both safe & non-toxic with the only after effect being a very loud noise and a citric spew caused by the chemical reaction (for this reason it is not recommended for use on carpeted surfaces, but is otherwise safe). Throw one under your buddies garage door or in a port-a-potty for a guaranteed reaction. This item is frequently purchased with  bulk fart bombs. Can not ship via airmail

These bomb bags are packed 6 dozen per counter-top display and come 20 displays per case. If you need retail quantities shop for bomb bags on amazon

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5 Star ReviewAnon - Oct 18, 2011

Our trick or treaters are going to love these bomb bags. My daughter and I were just terrified to explode one, but we managed to launch one, toss it on our stoop, shut the screen door and watch it blow. How cool is that?!

5 Star Reviewsuperbean - Apr 25, 2011

My children loved them. They were not sure what was going to happen, but it worked just like it says. No mess, just clean explosive fun!

5 Star ReviewJuan - Mar 23, 2011

This bomb bags are really loud and can scare anyone. I toss it to my mom when she was drinking water and made her spit the water on my dads face which was hilarious.


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