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Toy bug catcher sets are the perfect gift for your little outdoorsman (or woman), and budding entomologist. This kit includes everything your little adventurer needs to catch and learn about the different kinds of bugs and insects. One large storage box has air vents and a magnifying glass built into the lid for better viewing of your captured specimen. A net, plastic tweezers, a transfer capsule, 2 sized bug containers and a weak magnifying glass, as well as a compass are also included in each unit. The six piece set comes in window box packaging, great for putting on the shelves in your zoo gift shop, or for handouts. Bring the love for the outdoors back into this young generation and take a break from technology. Bugs are as easy to catch as they are to release back into the wild once examination is complete. Perfect for learning in the classroom or as party favors for bug themed events.


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