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Start your morning off right and take muli-tasking at your boring office job to the next level with our camo drinking helmet. Nobody will know you are an alcoholic wearing one of these, you will blend right in. In our fast paced society, you should have the freedom to drink while keeping your hands free to do other things, like play drinking games, taking shots, cleaning, doing yard work, or cooking. The perfect gift for hunters, rednecks, and NASCAR fans.


A full size standard 12 oz canned beverage fits on either side of the helmet. A plastic straw is inserted into each can and is the connected to the mouthpiece so you can drink as you please. Keep your buzz in check with the "regulator" clamp, which is an inline valve in the drinking straw to ensure there are no accidental spills. Sold in painted green camouflage design as pictured. Each hat measures 20" in circumference, adult small/medium. Sorry, this will not fit most of our demographic, hence the cheap price! Looking for a more girly color? Check out our pink camo drinking hats.


Sold by the case only in multiples of 2 dozen. Need just one? Shop for camouflage beer helmets on amazon

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