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Our novelty 4" bamboo Chinese finger traps come in a variety of assorted colors and are flexible and designed to fit kids & adults fingers without discomfort. They are strong enough to be re-used, but be careful not to let anyone pull too hard. Just about everyone knows that to get out of them simply push your fingers together. This is a good exercise for small children to learn patience as well as the importance of following instructions, or thinking critically. And it's a silly joke for the rest of us. If they do pull instead of push the finger handcuffs will come undone so as not to hurt the skin.


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5 Star ReviewPlay Therapy - Feb 14, 2012

I bought these to use with children who have difficulty dealing with frustration. It is a great idea to help illustrate how fighting against things can create more problems than trying to calm down and problem solve. These are a little flimsy for my expectations. But when the child tears it up, it brings home the point even more.

5 Star ReviewGrammy - Nov 30, 2011

I ordered these for my grandchildren and am looking forward to giving them on Christmas. They are just as I remember them from my childhood and make me giggle a little to imagine my grandchildrens perplexed faces!

5 Star ReviewMichelle Rincon - Jun 21, 2011

This is a fabulous company.They really made an effort to get my product to me on time which was very important for a presentation I was doing with them. Thank you!!

5 Star ReviewSpurt1999 - Feb 3, 2011

Just the thing to add a little fun to a party. Nothing like watching a bunch of adults slip back to childhood times with these on their fingers. Great value for the price and really fast shipping. Thanks for providing the instant fun for the party....


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