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The world famous ORIGINAL Deluxe Rubber Chicken is a seamless version of our economy rubber chicken, with softer texture and more realism. Light weight and measuring 21”, these are made of a nicer plastic and feature a more realistic texture and paint job. This is from the company that invented the rubber chicken so you know this is the genuine deal and of the utmost quality. Trust us when we tell you that these are the highest quality rubber chickens on the market today. Period. Note these do not squeak or make noise.


These come 4 dozen per case & the minimum wholesale purchase is just 1 dozen pieces. Need less than bulk? Compare our prices of rubber chickens with amazon


Other customers frequently purchase this in addition to or in place of our bulk economy rubber chickens

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5 Star ReviewKing Chicken - Dec 1, 2014

The Deee-luxe rubber chicken has performed well so far, with its attributes of water resistance, light weight, and realistic detail. Would not want to be without one or more during a zombie apocalypse.


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