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This is an inexpensive flying toy that is fun for all ages. The classic design is pretty simple and hasn't changed since Da Vinci's time, although now we have modern materials such as plastics. To make the copter take flight, attach the blade to the top of the shaft, twist it between your hands, and let go to let it fly through the air. The higher you start the faster its descent, or throw it in the air free of strong winds and witch it plummet down gracefully. Each colorful dragonfly is 8 inches and these are sold in an assortment of colors only (may vary from what is pictured). These are great for prizes at school events or party favors. Each is made of plastic and can be used over and over, providing hours of amusement.


Sold in cases of 60 dozen only. If you need just a few, shop for flying dragonfly toys on amazon

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