Economy 21 inch Rubber Chickens

Economy Rubber Chickens

Bulk Economy Rubber Chickens

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This is the infamous rubber chicken that has become so synonymous with humor over the last half century. Each rubber chicken toy is made out of a soft, pliable vinyl rubber and measures about 22" from feet to head. These chickens do not squeak or make noise, but look great crossing the road, or being used in any number of quiry ways. 
Sold individually with a minimum bulk purchase of 36 chickens. If you don't need so many checkout our deluxe rubber chickens or browse rubber chickens on amazon

Wholesale info: These are packaged in factory sealed bags of 1 dozen with 6 dozen per case (minimum purchase is ½ case). Note the wholesale price breaks in the table above.
  • 22" in length
  • Made of high quality rubber
  • Free of phthalates
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5 Star ReviewSQ - Feb 28, 2015

We ordered several of these chickens to use as part of a window display in our store. They are brightly colored and shockingly anatomically correct (the feet in particular!) We have them hanging upside-down by their feet and noticed after a few days that the bottom of the window where their beaks are touching had kind of an oily residue coming from them, possibly petroleum? It is easily wiped up but perhaps washing the chickens in warm soapy water first would be advisable to anyone else. Otherwise they are very eye-catching and suit our purpose just fine. [The residue in question is presumably condensation, but a bath never hurt. -Z]

5 Star ReviewProfessor R - May 23, 2012

When you really need a rubber chicken, nothing but the best will do. I have extras because I never travel without one. These chickens are the traditional ones that generations have relied on.

5 Star ReviewGary Delius - Feb 22, 2012

Great quality and very life-like... for a rubber chicken. You certainly can not beat the price! Awesome gag gift! I used mine to pay off a super-bowl bet.

5 Star ReviewBKR - Oct 3, 2011

Stand tall and stand out from the crowd. Never leave home without your rubber chicken again. These are well made multipurpose chickens; no assembly or batteries required. Great value and fast shipping. Thanks

5 Star ReviewPete - Sep 18, 2011

I can not believe these are called economy rubber chickens! These are without a doubt the finest rubber chickens I have ever purchased, and I\ve been purchasing rubber chickens for ten years now. Durable and made out of quality rubber to withstand even the roughest of handling and most careless of chicken chokers! I will be purchasing all of my future chickens from znovelties!


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