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Exploding Cigarettes

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Are you tired of your friends always bumming cigarettes from you? The next time one of your repeat offender friends asks you for one, offer them one from our exploding cigarette pack instead. Teach rebellious kids a lesson if they are stealing your smokes by replacing your pack with this fake pack. They will get a scare of a lifetime and will be caught in the act because their frightful screams will give them away. To set your victim up for a surprise, take the fake cigarette out of the pack. Insert a plastic strip cap into the bang mechanism connected to the cigarette. The pack is now "loaded" and ready to make a loud popping noise when the cigarette is pulled from the pack. Each pack individually packaged in a poly bag with printed header. (Plastic strip caps sold separately.) Pop!


Our minimum bulk purchase is 4 dozen pieces, perfect for resale in your jokeshop. If you are looking for just a single pack, or cigarette loads to put into cigarettes, shop exploding cigarettes on amazon

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