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These better quality fake cockroaches measure 2" in length and are extremely lifelike & realistic (click on the thumbnail to enlarge and view all of the detail). Toy rubber roaches are great for Halloween, as well as weddings, birthdays, and other important social events where you can play a prank. Also a fun and inexpensive promotional handout for bug & extermination companies, our bulk pricing is perfect if you need a large army of cockroaches.


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***This product page is for wholesale fake cockroaches***. If you need small quantities, buy individual fake roaches here


Each is made of high quality bendable rubber vinyl material and can withstand a nuclear blast. You will not find a better quality fake novelty cockroach anywhere, online or off. Note: we can special order economy cheapo fake cockroaches depending on season, contact us for availability if you don't want them to be as realistic and are instead more focused on your pocketbook or budget.

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5 Star ReviewLane Pest Control - Mar 1, 2015

The fake rubber roaches were a hit with the kids and adults alike at the Home Product show we did ..Great product and Very life like. Will be reordering again..Thank you so much...Carl Lane. Lane Pest Control...Texas

5 Star ReviewBobby Maitreya Ferandez - Oct 2, 2014

Great authenticity. I play pocket chess against myself and put a roach as overseer of the white or black side that is next to move. Thank you for your product. I feel like an 8 year old kid again pretending my left and right brains are juxtaposed to my enlightened and unenlightened self!

5 Star ReviewChris - Aug 2, 2012

These cockroaches are great. I used them to play a prank on my office mate and they were so believeable I got a awesome scream from her. She then took them home and did the same thing to her son. Hours of fun all around.

5 Star ReviewD's Mommy

Wow! These little guys look so real from my towering height of 5 foot 4. On a table top....mmmm...not as authentic but definitely the best little roaches I have seen. Kids of all ages loved them at my sons b-day party and walked out with pocketfulls of them - with and without permission. haha! Buy more than you think you will need and find out which little rugrats can be trusted. ;)

5 Star ReviewAlex - Jan 26, 2012

I was very satisfied with these cockroaches. Frankly I wasn\t expecting much because I have seen a lot of terrible imitations in the past, but these are pretty realistic. I used them for a photography still life project and they worked just great. Plus, they were fun to use to prank people when I was done the project.

5 Star ReviewSonia - Nov 22, 2011

Very lifelike, good product. I will return for more purchases and recommend to a friends.

5 Star Reviewmikem - Nov 18, 2011

As advertised and fairly priced. Looking forward to more purchases.

5 Star ReviewMike Sherard - Nov 10, 2011

Excellent product and service - thank you for the quick delivery

5 Star Reviewcrm2662 - Nov 7, 2011

Wowwwww.....they look so real. Spooked a couple of people. Great for laughs. I\ve since taped them on top of the ceiling and have gotten some scares from people thinking they were real. Very life like looking.

5 Star ReviewTammi P. - Oct 11, 2011

This is our 2nd year of ordering these fake plastic cockroaches from your company for our local Safe Halloween celebration. These are the BEST LOOKING roaches we have seen & the kids & adults absolutely love them!! We add them to our goody bags that we hand out (4200 of them) & everyone goes wild over the roaches! Thanks for a great product!

5 Star ReviewHalloween Fan - Oct 5, 2011

We ordered these for part of our Halloween haunt, and were very pleased with their appearance, size & realism. If I did not know they were fake, I would be grabbing a bottle of Raid! Thanks for a great creepy product!

5 Star ReviewJake - Sep 1, 2011

Unlike other companies, what I ordered is what I received. No bait and switch. Excellent quality. It\s nice to see an honest business in this day and age!

5 Star ReviewExtremely Pleased - Aug 11, 2011

Purchased fake plastic cockroaches to use as a prank, I only wish I had a video camera set up to see the reactions of my friends. They were great! So real-looking, perfect size. I ordered about 10 of them for 4 dollars total with S&H and am so happy I did!

5 Star ReviewAnonymous - Jul 6, 2011

You wont find a better cockroach on the web at this price. Very lifelike. Only negative is that its hard to hear in the office once the screaming starts when a desk drawer gets opened....

5 Star ReviewKen - Jul 5, 2011

Fast delivery. The cockroaches were a big hit at the office.

5 Star ReviewLee - Jun 7, 2011

Hey there! I ordered 65 fake cockraoches from this company and I could not be happier. I keep tricking everyone with them...they look so real. The service I received from ZNovelties was great! Thanks for a smooth transaction and some really cool bugs!

5 Star ReviewDino - Feb 18, 2011

These are amazing! They look so real that I have had people screaming all over the office for days.


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