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Squeeze this toy bag to activate it and it rapidly inflates. Throw it quickly, and within 3-5 seconds it will EXPLODE, emitting a putrid foul fart odor into the air. Pop! These are similar to our toy bomb bags, except the fart bags have a smell in addition to the bang. These babies are loud but harmless, as it is a simple chemical reaction between citric acid & baking soda. Parent approved. If you like the smell of this you will gag for our stink bombs.


These are factory sealed in boxes of 72pcs with 20 displays per case. If you need less than this, shop fart bags on amazon

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5 Star ReviewRob C - Jun 23, 2011

Best.Prank.Product.EVER! Never before has a prank product delivered such huge laughs in the workplace. Thinking back to my school days occasionally a prankster would drop a stink bomb, it would (of course) cause an uproar. Some twenty years later I can relive the excitement of my youth with the thrills and the stench of these fart bomb bags. What really sets this product apart from the glass bottle stink bombs of yesteryear is the fact that they have a 5-10 second delay. The delay (as the bag inflates) gives the prankster the ability to cleverly stash the bag in clever and awkward places before making a quick and hasty getaway. My personal favorite is office fart bomb bag tennis, where we can play a volleyball game with an unexpected twist. Trust me, you dont want these bags exploding when you\re serving! :P Absolutely fantastic, I cannot recommend them enough. Order in bulk because (a) you can never have enough and (b) ZNovelties have a wonderful discount scheme for large orders.


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