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Farting wall clocks are the perfect gag gift for the annual secret Santa party, or as a gift for the bachelor as some 'man cave decor' in disguise. Silly pictures depicting a gassy gentleman take the place of the numbers on the clock. Our fart clock is such a hilarious ice, we mean wind breaker! One of 12 unique farting sounds is played at the top of every hour giving you consistent humor throughout the day. About to quit? Be sure to replace the clock with one of these on your way out. What a functional conversation piece! Fitting for the old fart in your life or for an over the hill birthday celebration.


Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Don't worry about noisy flatulence keeping you up during all hours of the night- our fart clock has a nifty light sensor built right in. When darkness is detected, the sounds of cutting the cheese are put on mute.


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