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Flarp Fart Putty

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Flarp! Phlurp. Frrrrck. Just as in nature, this pooter noisemaker in the form of fart putty slime makes no two farts that sound exactly the same. To pass wind, pull the gooey blob out of the included jar and then reinsert it, thus creating a pocket of air. Now push the slime in to create flatulence. Experiment and in no time you will find all sorts of sounds with this flarp putty.


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  • Small design is easy to conceal
  • Realistic flatulence sounds
  • Never needs replacement


Canister measures 3" H x 2" W and can be easily concealed in a pocket for total havock. Assorted colors include pink, blue, orange, purple, yellow & green -- you will get an equal assortment of each per case and preference is unavailable. Packaged in colorful retail counter display for resale. Please order in cases of 12 dozen.

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5 Star ReviewJackie D. - Oct 16, 2014

I use these in my classroom as an incentive to read. It is the most popular of my rewards, for both boys and girls.

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