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Our 2" red foam clown noses are soft to the touch, and have a notch in the back to securely fit the noses of both kids as well as adults. These noses are constructed out of a sponge sphere making them comfortable to wear, and ready to put on at a moments notice, whenever the occasion calls for a little silliness. Each clown's nose comes sealed in cellophane with a cardboard header (and UPC) for resale or gifting. Our wholesale pricing speaks for itself. Skim through the reviews below to see what actual customers have said about the quality of these.


This listing is for bulk quantities ***only***. If you need small quantities click here.


Again, this listing is for **bulk** noses only. If you need less than 216 pieces, buy individual clown noses for sale here on a separate product page. The noses on this page are packaged 36 dozen per case and sold in ½ case increments of 18 dozen. If you add more than this quantity (.i.e, "500") it will be rounded up automatically.


  • Comfortable fit ensures nose will stay put
  • Classic red (not pink or bright red)
  • Re-usable & individually sealed


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5 Star ReviewTwinkle Toes - May 16, 2016

Hi, I ordered these to use in honor of a clown friend who had passed away. I handed them out at a run to raise money for cancer research! They came in plenty of time and were great as giveaways! Thanks so much. I only have a couple dozen left out of 216!

5 Star ReviewReverend Redness - Mar 7, 2016

My review of the bulk foam clown noses is that these are best priced and highest quality products I have found. I buy these by the dozens - I give them out at weddings, especially for the wedding party, aways for the bridge and groom. These are great for small groups when you need to lighten the moment, make a transition and have a little fun. The individually wrapped pieces make this a sanitary and healthy gift for each individual. I tell everyone, \Share your smile, not your nose!\ My highest rating. Reverend Redness, Minister of Fun

5 Star ReviewJack Diehl - Nov 30, 2015

Professional, 100%, great service wonderful attitudes and excellent costumer service! Will use over and over and will recommend to anyone!

5 Star ReviewCampus Clowns - May 6, 2015

Happy with this purchase, good price and service. Very very fast delivery. This is my fourth or fifth order over the years. Will be back to order again.

5 Star ReviewClown Fiend - Apr 23, 2015

Stop searching, this is the best place to buy clown noses!!! I\ve bought thousands here for a fraction of the price anywhere else...

5 Star ReviewDiana L. Ho - Feb 24, 2015

ZNovelties exceeded my expectations. I received my order within a few days, and the product was exactly as represented in their online catalog. I appreciate the products and the service and will plan to using them as a resource.

5 Star ReviewWenatchee Youth Circus - Aug 15, 2014

Having dealt with ZNovelties the last 4 years i have always had a great experience! as a non profit we have to look for the best deal on items we sell and they have met our needs every year!

5 Star ReviewDennis - Aug 8, 2014

These are great noses. I wanted to pass out for a high school reunion picture. They are a little small for adults but do the job very well. Lots of laughs!!

5 Star ReviewPolyester the Clown - Jul 23, 2014

This is the standard, individually-packaged foam clown nose, usually sold in party stores. The advantage in purchasing this product from ZNovelties is that it is very reasonable in price and the delivery was very prompt. Economy is a big consideration for me in that I hand out these noses as give-away items at clowning events. They are very popular among both children and adults who have a good sense of humor.

5 Star ReviewPatty Cake - Jul 23, 2014

The foam noses are great for our performances at camps and for large groups. Adults and kids alike are wearing them. The cost is so reasonable.

5 Star ReviewBrian - Jun 04, 2014

Happy with the purchase, the product came in two days... which is saying a lot since it was 10 boxes of clown noses... Thank you.

5 Star ReviewScout Mom - Jun 03, 2014

These foam clown noses were exactly as described and exactly what I was looking for. Quality is good and will bring hours of fun with many Cub Scouts!!

5 Star ReviewSunshine - May 15, 2014

Price was great, quality is average(how do you rate a clown nose anyway lol), and shipping and tracking information was quick and easy! I will be ordering more items from ZNovelties in the near future.

5 Star ReviewKenny - Apr 10, 2014

Greetings I would just like to say, the experience was exceptional. The product was exactly what I was looking for. The price was great. The shipping was perfect timing. There is only on thing, I do not look as good wearing it as the lady you have pictured. Thank you so much . I will be placing other orders. Kenny : )

5 Star Reviewminerva - Mar 19, 2014

Received product promptly... Good quality... Individually packaged. The noses did not have a slit to open and fit on nose [they should have and this must have been a factory defect]. It would have been nice to not have to cut the slit myself. Would order from this company again.

5 Star Reviewramonastep - Mar 16, 2014

These noses were good quality at a great price. Delivery was speedy. They were perfectly suited to the cub scout project I used them for: as cushiony tips of dowel rod arrows, to launch from PVC, string and duct tape bows.

5 Star ReviewCatherine - Feb 13, 2014

Fast delivery! When putting the clown noses on it does not stay in the slit for very long. Not sure if I am suppose to put some sort of adhesive on. It is going to be used for a kids birthday party so I do not know how well the kids will take it if it keeps on falling off.

5 Star ReviewMarilyn - Dec 13, 2013

Thank you so much for the Foam Clown Noses. Our small singing group uses them each year as we portray Santas reindeer in a song, complete with antlers and now we all have like red noses! So they are not just for clowns - reindeer like them as well! We always seem to be short noses or add new members to our group, so to find where I could order a lot of them for an extremely reasonable price, we are well prepared!

5 Star ReviewPatty - Nov 6, 2013

These clown noses are good quality and a great value! Other than that, this is an item that has no age barrier & always makes people smile!

5 Star ReviewKooKoo - Sep 2, 2013

I am a magician and like to give these out to people on their birthdays. It is pretty good value considering they come individually wrapped. The only down side was that the store was for some reason not open when I ordered/needed them and had to wait a bit for them to ship... But they are good foam noses! [These are in stock 99.9 of the year, but do rarely sell out]

5 Star ReviewComedy1 - Aug 15, 2013

These are good quality noses in a sanitary plastic wrap. Kids love them.

5 Star ReviewNancy - Jun 28, 2013

Couldn\t be more pleased! Speedy delivery and product was as promised!

5 Star ReviewAnne - Jun 19, 2013

Excellent product! Adults and children loved wearing the noses and much fun was had by all! Highly recommend ZNovelties for customer service and products being exactly as advertised.

5 Star ReviewAaron - Jun 18, 2013

They were the hit of our VBX! The company did a great job at getting them to us quickly. Seeing 864 clown noses set off the week on the right tone!

5 Star Reviewtextcat - Jun 13, 2013

these noses are perfect. individually wrapped so they can be gifted. ranger igor wears them on shift at burning man and takes them where ever he goes. ranger tested, ranger approved.

5 Star ReviewBrie - Jun 6, 2013

Good quality foam noses. Great price- they hade enough in stock to cover our 6k piece requirement. Fits on all noses. Excellent

5 Star ReviewNoses Customer - Jun 4, 2013

I recently ordered 3 cases of red foam clown noses. We had a blast with them . . . I am a professional clown named Blossom and was entered in our local Keizer, Oregon Iris Festival parade. With the help of my grown children and grandchildren (dressed as clowns) we passes out the 1,000+ noses to parade watchers with the saying go ahead . . .pick your nose :o). Loved the product and it came within 5 days of ordering. Thanks.

5 Star ReviewEboe - May 9, 2013

Great product. Speedy service. Great price. The clown noses will add a lot of fun to our Big Top Family Circus.

5 Star ReviewNancy - May 8, 2013

The participants of the workshop I lead laughed seeing the clown on me. They ripped open the package so they could wear theirs around at work. Everyone was giggling.

5 Star ReviewHoboKin - Apr 15, 2013

Our Zembo Clown Unit sells these noses at our annual circus. The sound of Buy a clown nose, one dollar, be a clown has become a significant part of the event. It also means greater than 1400 children both young and old looking like clowns. The noses make our town a funnier place! Thank you for the prompt delivery! HoboKin, Zembo Clowns

5 Star ReviewIrene the Laughter Lady - Apr 12, 2013

I recently ordered 432 clown noses. They arrived in two days! The noses are individually wrapped which is great. They are soft. I do wish there was a way to get soft clown noses with nostril holes and ones that stay on better. That said, we had great fun with them at a Laughter conference where I was presenting.

5 Star ReviewDonna - Feb 10, 2013

This product is a fun addition to any occasion! They are easy to use, one size fits all and instantly create an atmosphere of fun! They are also inexpensive.

5 Star ReviewMusical Fun - Feb 6, 2013

The red foam clown noses fit all ages all sizes and makes everybody smile. The price is right and the product is always a success no matter who the audience is. It has become our trademark for all of our musical classes and everyone leaves happy.

5 Star ReviewSkye - Oct 10, 2012

Great foam clown noses! They were larger and less expensive than any place I could find in town or on the web. Package was packed well and delivered quickly.

5 Star ReviewSweeps1034 - Oct 6, 2012

We recently ordered 36 dozen (cheapest anywhere) to give out at our churchs free fall carnival. We also use them in our clown ministry at soup kitchens and family cafes. It\s amazing how much the adults want the noses as well as all of the kids.

5 Star ReviewMama Chris - Oct 4, 2012

My order of clown noses came quickly and correctly. The quality was good, but not awesome. Some of them had an extra slice in the ball, but it did not show easily. I used them for a Pick Your Nose fundraiser and those with the extra slice had a plastic spider successfully hot glued on to hide the cut. (You could pick from noses decorated -by me -with sparkles, plastic spiders or fishing line cat wiskers on them. Or, of course, the plain red model!)

5 Star Reviewpamela - Oct 28, 2012

bought these red foam clown noses for my sons birthday party.Great price and great value for the noses

5 Star Reviewfull time facepainter - Sep 19, 2012

Product was exactly what I was looking for! Fits all size of noses~ would recommend spirit gum for long term use on adult noses. Used product for resale with facepaints at popular theme park Halloween event.

5 Star ReviewTravel Media Showcase - Aug 29, 2012

The red clown noses were a big hit! The quality was excellent and they shipped on time! I have added ZNovelties to my browser favorites!

5 Star ReviewGail Ham - Aug 28, 2012

I was very happy with my order. There were no hassels ordering, even though we often have problems as a non-profit. I recieved it promptly and am very happy with the noses!

5 Star ReviewPatty Cake - Aug 7, 2012

The entire clown Alley loves these noses...we have purchased over 1000 just this year alone! Awesome! Schweet!

5 Star ReviewMelanie - Jun 27, 2012

Great price and just what we needed for dress-up for a big group of kids.

5 Star Reviewpaula - May 28, 2012

I thought the foam clown noses were easy for kindergarten-fifth grade students to use. I fould the quality (of the foam noses)for the price to be exceptional.

5 Star ReviewJ S Madison - May 24, 2012

Order was received quickly and product met all of our expectations. Rated it a 5 but keep in mind we ordered red rubber noses. How can you not like them.

5 Star Reviewmonknpook - May 24, 2012

These are very well made and fit nicely on any size mose, from my 4 year old to my 76 year old grandmother. They smell a little funny, but they are clown noses....Bazinga!

5 Star ReviewConnie S. - May 18, 2012

I purchased the red foam noses for national nursing home week. We had a circus day and Happy the Clown passed out the foam noses to all of our resdidents and to the staff. Everyone LOVED them. They were easy to put on and actually stayed on the noses. We took pictures with our noses with the clown. It was a day our residents will never forget!! THANK YOU for our clown noses!!!

5 Star ReviewFools for Health Clown-Doctor Program - May 17, 2012

Noses are red; Violets are blue; These noses bring smiles From Clown-Doctors to you! Patients and nursing home residents all over Windsor and Essex County Ontario are smiling all the more when they receive a clown nose from Fools for Health Clown-Doctors. Thank you for your great service!

5 Star Reviewbebbaboo - May 10, 2012

The clown noses were a complete success. We handed them out to our chorus and just as our director raised her hand to start a song, everyone donned the noses was hysterical. Thanks for the fun!

5 Star ReviewRob S - May 10, 2012

Clown noses speak for themselves! Small kids & the bigger version of kids have no problem in smiling from ear to ear when they test fit, or see others try on their new identity. Many thanks to the staff at ZNovelties for helping to make people laugh & be happy.

5 Star Reviewhappy nose - May 9, 2012

The clown noses were perfect and excellent for our event, they were individually packaged which was a nice plus. The ZNovelties Team Service was OUTSTANDING!! They helped with a change in shipping address (my fault) and bumped the unexpectedly delayed shipment up to 2 day shipping and refunded the costs. I mean that was above and beyond super customer service... I will buy here again! These guys are great!

5 Star ReviewJudith W. - May 9, 2012

The bozo noses were perfect for our occasion--the right size, the right shape, the right color--as expected. Delivery was prompt--which was good because we had short turn around time for our occasion-- a memorial for Firesign Theatres founding member, Peter Bergman. We are ALL Bozos on this bus! And we looked it, in our ZNovelties noses!

5 Star ReviewJennifer - Apr 26, 2012

Great product, as described. I was pleased with my purchase and the quick shipment, it arrived when I requested. I would buy from this seller again.

5 Star ReviewBeth - Mar 27, 2012

I needed simple, cheap clown noses for a one-time event and these are perfect. The price was awesome and they shipped super fast!

5 Star ReviewHappy Clown - Mar 1, 2012

Thank you for the quick delivery. The noses were given to a famous South American Clown who traveled with my Mission group in Guatemala. They were used as prizes for the children who we visited. We traveled to bring Gods great love to the poorest of the poor. The children were so blessed and happy to receive an individually wrapped gift.

5 Star ReviewSholom - Feb 29, 2012

We ordered a lot of clown noses as a door prize for an event, and they were perfect. Exactly as we expected. No surprises, on time, great customer service.

5 Star ReviewBrian - Feb 29, 2012

After speaking on the phone with someone from sales, I was pleased with my purchase of more than 800 red clown noses. Its best to order in the bulk quantities as it made for faster delivery. This is my second large purchase from znovelties, and hope to place orders with them in the future.

5 Star ReviewNot clowning around - Feb 2, 2012

Very good quality. It is great to have these individually wrapped. Thank you!

5 Star ReviewClown Nose Lover - Jan 26, 2012

We received our order FAST and we loved them! They are perfect for our event and are a huge hit!! How can anyone not smile at someone wearing a clown nose?? I would order from this company again any time!!

5 Star ReviewScary Clown - Nov 6, 2011

These clown noses were a perfectly sized and colored. They also stayed on the nose without falling off. I would definitely recommend. The price was a great bargain too as I have not seen them any cheaper.

5 Star ReviewD. Tossie - Oct 31, 2011

The product is fine. I only wish they had an elastic string to attach so they can hold on the little children\s faces.

5 Star ReviewWidget the Clown - Oct 24, 2011

Noses received in a timely manner. Perfect size to use in my performances.

5 Star ReviewJ. Schwartz - Oct 20, 2011

This was my first experience purchasing from ZNovelties and it was perfect! I was on a time constraint and needed the item ASAP - ZNovelties was able to fill my order the same day I placed it and it was shipped by that evening. The products arrived in two days and were of excellent quality. To top it off, their prices are by far the best anyway and they already gave me 10% off coupon for my next purchase. I look forward to doing business with them for years to come! Thanks!

5 Star Reviews. grab - Oct 11, 2011

Very speedy delivery! Was pleased with product. Worked well for our Homecoming purpose.

5 Star Reviewfirelady - Aug 23, 2011

The foam noses were exactly what we needed for our occasion; your price was most reasonable. You did get them to me on time, and the event was a great success.

5 Star ReviewAnon - Aug 22, 2011

The product was a great value and price. The delivery was prompt.

5 Star ReviewMark..Knoxville,TN - Jul 19, 2011

Clown noses are great . First of all you can not beat the price! Most of all they stay on your nose!.We ordered more along with groucho glasses and are waiting for them to arrive. Our party plans are going on as scheduled in one week and these items are a hit with all the party planners. Ordering and shipping are handled in a very professional manner.......I wonder if they wear them at work? THANKS [We only wear these at work on casual Fridays -Z]

5 Star ReviewSuzanne Seay - Jun 24, 2011

I ordered 432 of the cheapest red clown noses I could find. We had a stiltwalker and a clown hand them out to spectators at a parade with a circus theme. What a hit! Individually packaged (sanitary for nervous parents), great color, easy to get on, no odor, they fit every size nose, and so much fun for all ages! The foam noses are a little tight on the nostrils, so I pinched out some of the foam in the interior of the sphere on mine, and that helped a lot. With the parade route lined with smiling faces wearing red noses, I got a tremendous bang for my 93 bucks!

5 Star ReviewPatty Cake - Jun 23, 2011

Have gotten sponge noses at various places. This is a good quality inexpensive nose when you have to buy them in bulk.

5 Star ReviewGreat Canadian Theatre Company - Jun 9, 2011

I had looked extensively for individually wrapped Clown Noses for our upcoming events and to get a quality that reflected our theatre was far too expensive. When I found these at ZNovelties I was thrilled and when they arrived I was equally pleased. They are bright, user friendly and suit our purposes perfectly. Good buy!

5 Star ReviewTracy,West Bend Wi - Jun 8, 2011

Great price !!!!!!!They are exactly what I was looking for. I was greatly impressed at how fast my order arrived. Im placing another order for more right now:)

5 Star ReviewMsPatti - Jun 7, 2011

Everything went smoothly with my online order with quick response to questions. Swiftly the delivery arrived in good order. All looks peachy. Would you like me to send a photo when all of our students are photographed wearing their clown noses at our theater camp this summer? [YES! -Z]

5 Star ReviewRalph Donsky - Jun 3, 2011

I purchase foam clown noses from for use by my nonprofit organization. We donate clown noses to hospitalized children and their families. To date I have obtained over 35, 000 foam clown noses from that have been distributed to 4 countries including every state in the US. The clown noses always arrive promply when ordered and are in excellent condition as well. Clown noses put a smile on the faces of all that wear them. I highly recommend purchasing foam clown noses from!!

5 Star ReviewMrs. B. - May 23, 2011

The clown noses we ordered arrived in just a few days and were a vital part of our fund-raiser. They were by far the cheapest noses we could find. Our Youth Group did a dessert/theater. The play required several different colored noses. These took the spray paint quite well. If you are looking for a short-term use nose, this is your answer. They do split after multiple uses. We used some for rehearsal and saved the rest for the real thing!! Thanks for being there for us!

5 Star ReviewLinda Brake - May 20, 2011

I looooove the sponge clown noses from ZNovelties because they are individually wrapped and a great price at the same time. We let our audience pick their noses and because they are packaged, they know that they have not been picked by anyone else.

5 Star Reviewstoney - May 9, 2011

great price on these clown noses, the slit on the foam isnt deep enough, but a quick slice with my pocket knife corrected that issue and for costlyness, cannot be beat.

5 Star ReviewAnon - Apr 19, 2011

We bought the clown noses for a carnival themed scouting event - Carnival Days. The noses fit great, are of good quality and look fantastic and our event day will look awesome with a hundred youth aged 5-8 years old sporting big red noses!

5 Star ReviewMagic Makers - Apr 18, 2011

I needed clown noses for a give away after a Rotary meeting. These were perfect, they were a great price and did the trick. They arrived promptly and I would use ZNovelties again.

5 Star ReviewJudy - Mar 10, 2011

I have been doing humor workshops for several years and I always give away clown noses. I have used serveral vendors, but found your quality, cost and timely deliverary were the best I have ever had. I will continue to use your products.

5 Star ReviewDr. Austin - Mar 7, 2011

I purchase these noses to hand out at conferences I present at. These noses are always a hit once everyone puts them on. ZNovelties has the best value on volume purchases I could find.

5 Star ReviewDon - Mar 4, 2011

all red noses were fine and use them in doing Holly Humor Sunday services at churches around the country.

5 Star Reviewbarb - Mar 1, 2011

The clown noses arrived quickly.... havent used them yet.... hoping they will be a hit!

5 Star ReviewMichael T. - Feb 25, 2011

I have been a touring professional stage clown for over thirty years. I have been selling foam clown noses at shows for the past ten years. Your noses are just what I want. They come individually wrapped with card attached. This keeps them clean for customers - they know no one has tried it on before! The order was promptly delivered and the price beats anyone else I have found. Thank you!

5 Star ReviewJackson - Feb 3, 2011

Great product. Was exactly as advertised. Arrived before expected thanks


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