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Measuring at 17" from the bloody fingertips to the cut artery, this life-sized fake human arm is the perfect addition to any gruesome horror movie set or haunted house. Each severed limb is hand painted with red blood so that no two fake body parts look identical. With a broken bone protruding out the end, this is realistic enough for use as a set piece for stage or in film, or bloody marketing campaign. Currently we have inventory harvested from fresh Caucasian white skin cadavers only; other flesh tones not available at this time.


Sold by the case in multiples of 2 dozen only. Each piece comes with UPC if buying for resale. Need less than bulk, or looking for a different style? Shop fake arms on amazon

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5 Star Reviewnovelty fan - Feb 7, 2011

as far as dirt-cheap fake limbs go, this is the best!


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