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Relish in the outright silliness of this giant green inflatable. At 36" tall by 12" wide, this is the biggest pickle you will have ever see. With big eyes and a smiling face, it boasts a ton of detail that is sure to please—or confuse—customers, patrons, or revelers. We have to admit that we think these are kind of a big dill! (Did you see what we did there?) Sorry, sometimes our sense of humor is a little sour. You won't find a better deal on these blow up cucumbers. If you find yourself in a bit of a pickle, fret not because our green inflates will bring some much needed humor to any situation. Great for carnivals, fairs, and food truck events, and everywhere these fermented delicacies are served, and anywhere they don't belong. Available in green as pictured only and shipped deflated. Each has a hook at the top where a string can be affixed.


Sold in full cases of 8 dozen only. If you don't need that many don't put yourself in a jar, instead shop inflatable pickles on amazon

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