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This classic gag will get double takes from onlookers & passerbys, as you walk by with your invisible pooch. Our invisible dog leashes are built with high quality construction to bring laughs for years to come. These magic leashes are great as handouts or promotional use, props, as well as resale. The novelty leash itself measures 3 feet when fully extended and works thanks to a long flexible wire embedded within the leash, giving it a very realistic look, yet sturdy shape. Note: the harness color is blue; red is unavailable at this time.

These come 6 dozen per case. The minimum bulk order is 2 dozen. Don't need bulk? Shop invisible dog leashes on amazon  or find invisible leashes on eBay

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5 Star ReviewVirginia Martin - May 8, 2015

Terrific! Arrived promptly. They are attractive and just what I wanted, and everyone has remarked on their good quality.

5 Star Reviewteresilia - Mar 14, 2014

Fun that brings back my memories from the 1970\s! Only think is that you have to reshape the collar end to recover its round shape. Great bargain!

5 Star Reviewgrammajudy - Jan 29, 2014

i am old. cannot do anything about that. i like to have fun. i searched the internet for something i have said i have wanted for quite sometime. i found it. i had some issues - because i am old. ZYMETRICAL e-mailed me back in an incredibly short time. explained it nicely and with humor. i like that. i ordered my invisible dog leash. it arrived just when they said it would. i was happy just as i thought i would be. i am now - old and having a blast with my invisible dog leash. thank you ZYMETRICAL. if you chose to order anything from this place i feel you will be more than happy and have the info you need to make that purchase a good thing. good people in a company that is able to make the world smile in a good way.

5 Star ReviewRandall - Sep 28, 2013

I have looked high and low for somewhere to buy good quality invisible dog leashes in bulk. Thank you zymetrical. We sell these leashes in our zoo shop and the kids just love them. Try for fun and do not tell the kids it is a dog, rather let them imagine what kind of animal they have on their leash. Educational and well priced novelty.

5 Star Reviewno1kid2000 - Jul 9, 2013

My invisible dog is a blast not only did he pee on my friends leg he left a little poo behind I think it is the greatest gift. Very fun good humor. Deffinately would recommend the purchase of one

5 Star ReviewDog lover - Jun 28, 2013

Cute gift for my 8-yr old son who so badly wants a doggy, but we can\t have pets where we live. :-(

5 Star ReviewNancy - May 15, 2013

Yes, I was quite happy with my invisible dog leash with horness. I was satisfied as it fit my invisible dog perfectly. Not too big or small, and quite comfortable for her. It totally accomplished my reason for buying it from you. If in need again, I certainly would purchase it from you again.

5 Star ReviewDale E - Oct 5, 2012

I bet I have purchased about ten Invisible Dog Leads throughout my lifetime (dont ask). The quality of this leash is fantastic. I am very impressed and will come back if I need anymore -- though I now see you are transitioning to bulk only.

5 Star Reviewdiscdogger - Jun 29, 2012

Invisible dog leash, brought back tons of memories...The price is Awesome and the quality is good too!

5 Star ReviewThe Puppet Lady - May 18, 2012

I had one of these a long time ago and bought it in the store. I ordered it wondering how on earth you were going to get it in a package to mail. I found out! You folded it in half. It was a bit tricky to unfold completely but it is a great product to use in shows. Kids actually act like there is a dog inside the collar when it tries to jump in their lap. Where would we be without our imagination!!

5 Star ReviewPeter - Feb 13, 2012

My invisible dog leashes are freakin sweet. I bought two a couple weeks back from znovelties, and I could not be happier with my purchase. Some people do not quite understand the love and affection an invisible dog can have on a person, but I certainly do. Some buddies and I will be walking our dogs in Boston one of these weekends -- we are eager to see how people react (and to get it all on video). With all the hustle and bustle these days, sometimes people forget to have a good laugh every once in a while. With the help of your product, I am doing my part to change that. Thank you, Peter Gooding

5 Star Reviewrick - Nov 29, 2011

Quick service. Great price. Good value. Should be alot of fun for 5 and 6 yr. grandkids that requested a dog on a leash!!

5 Star ReviewBruce - Nov 15, 2011

This is Bruce, a long-legged CheeWaWa who has never had a chance to go for a walk until my Master purchased a leash (Invisible) from you. Now we are able to walk thru the neighborhoods where I receive a lot of attention and admiration. Many questions asked about me and my special leash. Many thanks for the quick service and care of this company.


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