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Each packet of itching powder contains a good amount of powder that will cause your unsuspecting victim to itch uncontrollably. The material consists of 100% safe and non-toxic hairs that will harmlessly irritate the skin and cause an itching sensation. For best results, ensure that the itching powder makes good contact with skin (underwear and shoes are great places to hide this powder.) Germany is the itching-powder manufacturing capital of the world, therefore packaging may read "Juck pulver".


This product has no expiration date and 1 packet will give you a ton of use. Minimum order quantity is 2 gross (288 packets), and you must order in quantities of 288. Need just a few? Shop itching powder on amazon

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5 Star ReviewJ.C. - Apr 12, 2012

It does really itch however, in order for it to stick on target items, it needs to be moistened with a liquid(\\Be Sure To Use Gloves when attempting to moisten Itching powder!) And use very strategically! I rated it a 4 because actually


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