Jumbo Wind-Up Chattering Teeth

Jumbo Chatter Teeth

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Put your money where your mouth is with our oversized chatter teeth! A classic toy that spans across all generations and is enjoyed by many is now more loud than ever. Give it a good winding up and this set of pearly whites shakes and dances, with its red gums chomping across flat surfaces. Its amazing how one simple toy can provide hours of entertainment and laughter. The giant, protruding eyeballs makes this set of chatter teeth even more comical. At 3 inches in size, these jumbo dentures make excellent party favors, stocking stuffers, or handouts for promotional use. Each piece ships in blister card packaging with UPC (great to tie into your POS if buying for resale).


We sell these in full cases of 6 dozen only. If you are searching for retail quantities and don't require bulk, shop chatter teeth on amazon

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