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This 18" fountain magically pours liquid from a levitating faucet, with no apparent source. Leave it freestanding, or up against a wall, and this will leave onlookers amazed, perplexed, and entranced. Simply pour in a liquid of your choice, plug her in, and the bubbles and ambient lights (at the bottom of the fixture) will create a relaxing environment. The sounds will flow over you. It makes for spectacular party decor for bars, pool halls, and man caves where copious amounts of beer are served.


Sold by the case only. Need just one, or hoping for a different style? Shop "magic fountain faucet" on amazon

With the included adapter, you can remove the faucet and replace it with other containers, such as an upside down empty beer can. Measures 7"x7"x18" and comes in an attractive box if buying for gifts or resale. MSRP $24.99. Also great for restaurants, bars, dorm rooms, and everywhere alcoholic congregate.

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