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Orange you tired of Cow bells?  Of Course you aren't! These classic noise makers are a must for any get together with friends. Also great for getting noticed in important meetings at work! Besides the obvious enhancements to ones social life and career, these are excellent for sports fans. These Orange beauties are a must for fans of Auburn, Clemson, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia. Oklahoma State fans will also love these; and of course we haven't forgotten about you Syracuse!


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These sturdy metal-constructed Cow bells are 2" wide and 3" tall. Plus at a weight of  3 ounces you'll be able to clang away all night long! While these are perfect to use as is, you can always spruce them up by using decorations and personalizing them to better fit your needs or use them as a fundraising item for your local team or charity organization. We do not offer any customization, but with a little creativity, it can be done.

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