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We all know how upsetting it can be to see that a-hole that doesn’t seem to know how to park, or takes up more than one parking space as if to protect their “prized baby.” Well now you can do something about it! Leave one of these parking tickets under their windshield wipers and let them know how much of a jerk they are being.


There are 25 tickets per pad. Sold by the pad in bulk only. If you need retail quantities, shop fake parking tickets on amazon


“This is not a ticket, but if it were within my power, you would receive two. Because of your bull-headed, inconsiderate, feeble attempt at parking, you have taken enough room for a 20 mule team, 2 elephants, 1 goat and a safari of pygmies from the African interior. The reason for giving you this is so that in the future you may think of someone else, other than yourself. Besides I don’t like domineering, egotistical, or simple minded drivers and you probably fit into one of these categories. I sign off wishing you an early transmission failure (on the expressway at about 4:30 p.m.). Also may the Fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits. With my compliments.” Would also be funny to place on a cop car if they have a sense of humor, though we don’t encourage such behavior.

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