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Customers who buy wholesale party supplies order:
party string, Plastic Hawaiian leis and cowbells
Order your party supplies for less than what you pay at big box stores, and enjoy free shipping on orders of just $50. We are a bulk novelty distributor which is why our prices are so cheap. Please note minimum purchase quantities for each item.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 19 Rubber Bands 19 Rubber Bands $131.00
Bulk 28" Light Up Hoop 28" Light Up Hoop $12.22
Bulk 7" Beach Buckets 7" Beach Buckets $1.51
Bulk 8" Tie Dye Tote bag 8" Tie Dye Tote bag $0.87
Bulk Beach Playset (4 ct) Beach Playset 4 $0.79
Bulk Birthday Party Candles Birthday Party Candles $0.32
Bulk Finger Lights Finger Lights $0.27
Bulk Neon Hair Spray Neon Hair Spray $1.90
Bulk Neon Serpentine Spray Neon Serpentine Spray $1.83
Bulk Plastic Balloons Plastic Balloons $1.14

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