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Squeeze our little naughty "ned" the pooping piggy key chain and watch his eyes bug out and poop come out. Let go and the toy returns to normal. Each pink pig keychain measures approximately 2" in size and is made of high quality material. Hand these out at tradeshows and you or your product will be recalled. We do not provide imprinting but these animal keyrings can be imprinted. This is a fun and practical gift for anyone who poops. We also have pooping dog keychains as well as cows for sale.


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5 Star ReviewMarge J. - Sep 30, 2013

We order naughty ned pooping pig keyrings each year from zymetrical as promotional giveaways for our company. In the past the eyes did not pop out as well and the bodies were harder, but now they are soft and squishy. 5 out of 5 stars.

5 Star Reviewsillymaw - Mar 1, 2011

they are so fun. the eyes and poop comes out at the same time.


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