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Hey mon', sure you could grow 24" dreadlocks naturally by not brushing  your locks for months—but who has the time & patience for that. Just throw on one of these costume rasta hats with dreadlocks instead and sport dreads when the mood fancies you. Each knitted cap is colored in traditional Rastafarian colors of red, yellow & green which black accents.


60 wigs per case. View our wholesale pricing above. Looking for a single wig? Buy hats with fake rasta dreads on amazon


Each colorful hat comes with 12+ jet black curly dreads stitched in, and is designed to comfortably fit kids & adults. They look great on men & women and make an excellent prop for stereotyping Jamaicans as well as stoners.

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5 Star ReviewM.A.Johnson - Sep 27, 2012

Ordered the rasta hat with dredlocks, but got the top hat with dredlocks. I waslooking at both, so I guess it was meant to be. Great price. [@M.A.Johnson, we can send you the other, no charge, but you must contact customer service -Z]


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