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The old rattlesnake eggs in the old paper envelope trick! This is a very convincing joke that you can use over and over again. The outside of this yellowish brown envelope has a picture of a rattlesnake and states that there are rattlesnake eggs inside, with a caution to not let them hatch. DANGER! When the envelope is opened, it sounds like rattlesnakes are hatching to your unsuspecting victim! Directions are included, but essentially, you twist the washer (shown below) around an attached rubber band, so that when the envelope is opened it unwinds quickly, startling your victim. This is a timeless classic that is fun for all ages.


Packaged in counts of 6 dozen (72) per display and there are 12 displays per case (864 total envelopes). If you don't need bulk quantities, and rather need just a set of 12 or 25pcs: shop rattlesnake eggs on amazon

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5 Star ReviewTexas Grove Rat - Jun 11, 2014

The product (Rattle Snake Eggs) got to my address quicker than I ha hoped. I got to put them out a week earlier than planned at the Flea Market, & they are a hit. They brought back a lot of old memories from some of my customers, & they STILL bring startled reactions from the others.

5 Star ReviewGT - May 4, 2012

Superb novelty surprise! Marvelous refinement of a childhood moment of excitement. It\s quite reasonably priced with a speedy delivery to ones home by the seller. Many thanks!

5 Star Reviewscience teacher - Apr 13, 2012

These rattle snake eggs are a perfect way to introduce a lesson on evolution. This product excites and brings laughter to class. I like this product because it works on students and adults.

5 Star Reviewpatty m - Nov 17, 2011

My grandkids had asked us to get this item for them when we went to Florida. Could not find and while visiting family in Alabama, got on your web site. The kids love these. For the cheap price they are worth it. The kids have fun tricking their friends. Awesome. Highly recommend.

5 Star Reviewgpowerpw - Oct 27, 2011

I have already had a lot of fun with this thing. I bought 5 of them and gave 2 to my kids. They have been having a blast also.

5 Star ReviewElvis333 - Jul 27, 2011

Great impulse item! Quick delivery. Good customer service.

5 Star ReviewHRLEE - May 18, 2011

Rattlesnake Eggs toy are so much fun! We used them as prize at elementary school carnival, and the kids really enjoyed them. Hint-only wind them 5-6 turns, then carefully insert into envelope to work best.

5 Star ReviewLana - Apr 14, 2011

I remember these from when I was a kid and was thrilled to find them at such a discounted price. was great to work with and I was excited to recieve my order so soon after purchasing.

5 Star ReviewJB - Feb 4, 2011

Just wat Ive been lookin for since high school...great prank!!!


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