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Rubber Stretch Chicken

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This stretchy yellow toy chicken is made of the same soft latex rubber as our mini stretch chicken keyrings. It will effortlessly stretch from its original size of 8" to several feet then compress to its original size, and can also double as a chicken slingshot if you pull back and release. It is great fun for the whole family excluding the dog, and probably your cat. Our bulk pricing makes them perfect for carnival fundraisers or resale, as well as prizes at family redemption centers.


Sold in cases of 12 dozen. Packaged 24 per retail counter display, 6 displays per case. View wholesale pricing above. Need less poultry? Shop for rubber chickens on amazon

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5 Star Reviewcookie - May 26, 2011

As we all know sometimes we become frustrated and need to get it out. Well our son Dan recently joined the US Navy and was having a stressful day. So, what better way to handle stress is with laughter and this chicken certainly provided it. Nothing funnier as you can see by the picture alone, is the chicken hilarious but by pulling the chicken in every direction it provided the stress relief through laughter, along with a little exercise as well. Thank you! (from the voice of our son because he is stationed in Kings Bay, Georgia and we are here in Texas so we mailed him a box of multiple items to provide him with laughter, stress relief, and things to take his mind off work at times).


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