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This shocking gum looks like a normal pack of chewing gum, but its only purpose is for entertainment and amusement. When your victim attempts to pull a piece out, a startling but harmless shock runs through their hand. Zapp! Batteries are included for testing and can be replaced for a more powerful gag. Just leave this lying around and wait for your mark to pick it up, or you can be more forward and entice them. We are not responsible for lost friendships.


Not sold individually. Our wholesale minimum is 1 case or 288 packs of gum. Need just a few? Buy "shocking gum" on amazon

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5 Star ReviewEarle - Oct 12, 2013

The bulk minimum may be higher than you want, but if you are ordering wholesale case lots of shocking pens, shock gum and other novelty redemption items then ZNovelties has the overall best prices & fastest shipping. Everything ships from the US so there are no delays in moving product. Make sure your customers know the batteries are for demo purposes and will need to be replaced [upsell = have these batteries for sale]


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