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Whomever invented the old adage "When pigs fly" never anticipated what the novelty industry would come up with centuries later. This toy could be the pinnacle of man's greatest achievements, or that could just be hyperbole. Each 11" slingshot pig is made of a soft plush material and is in classic pink, with brown hooves. To catapult this flying boar, slide your finger(s) into the front of the pig's elastic feet, pull back, and take aim. With your target in sight, release and watch as it ascends through the air. He will exclaim his arrival with loud oinks, making this an excellent prank. We also carry another slingshot pig (with a slightly different design from an alternate manufacturer). If your shop caters to bacon-lovers and connoisseurs of all things pig, this is a perfect resale item.


This is sold in full cartons of 2 dozen. If you need retail quantities, shop slingshot pigs on amazon

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