20 inch Wooden Jointed Wiggle Snakes

Wooden Wiggle Snakes

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Though we have many lifelike rubber snakes for sale, none will ever match the real movement of a snake quite like these wooden wigglers do. Hold it by the tail and it will slither and slide along a flat surface just like real snakes do. A great practical joke or for use as an educational tool to teach about how snakes move. These come in several realistic designs & patterns and measure 20" or 28" (use the dropdown menu).


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Note that the wood may be stiff when you first get them, to break any stuck sections gently bend the snakes back & forth and they will come alive.

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5 Star Reviewshopaholic - Oct 24, 2011

The wooden wiggle snakes are great. I only ordered 2 but I really liked the fact that they were 2 different colors. The flexibility of the snakes which enhances their movement is GREAT.

5 Star ReviewHector - Mar 9, 2011

This product was exactly how it was advertised. The wiggly snake can give the impression of a live snake that can be great for a practical joke.

5 Star ReviewMax - Feb 22, 2011

We have had a continuing problem of large groups of pigeons nesting up under the dormers of our tile roof. Every morning we had to clean up the driveway. Putting four of your wooden snakes up there, nearly, but not quite out of sight, has caused most of the pidgeons to find roost elsewhere. It\s been two weeks now and I\ve only had to sweep the drive once since the snakes went on guard duty. Thank you very much.




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