Classic Novelties

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Small toys and classic novelties for give aways, promotional uses, resale at retail shops, vendor events and more! We offer timeless toys and gifts that all ages and generations will enjoy. We are a bulk novelty distributor, which is how we can offer wholesale prices to all customers. Please note the minimum purchase quantities for each product.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 10" Oversized Rubber Ducks 10" Oversized Rubber Ducks $11.59
Bulk 14" Streamer Wands 14" Streamer Wands $0.38
Bulk 2" Silver Metal Coil Springs 2" Silver Metal Coil Springs $1.68
Bulk 9" Paddle Ball Assortment 9" Paddle Ball $0.59
Bulk Back Scratcher with Roller Back Scratcher Roller $0.85
Bulk Big Mistakes Eraser Big Mistakes Eraser $0.68
Bulk Break A Plates Break A Plates $0.36
Bulk Caterpillar Puffer Ball With Light Caterpillar Puffer Ball Light $1.43
Bulk Chinese Finger Traps Chinese Finger Traps $0.08
Bulk Claw Backscratchers Claw Backscratchers $1.98
Bulk Colored Smoke Balls Colored Smoke Balls $0.10
Bulk Deluxe Rubber Chicken Toy Rubber Chicken Toy $7.46
Bulk Fake Million Dollar Bill Fake Million Dollar Bill $0.25
Bulk Five Ball Caterpillar Puffer Five Ball Caterpillar Puffer $1.57
Bulk Flipping Wind Up Ladybugs Flipping Wind Up Ladybugs $0.57
Bulk Folded Selfie Stick Folded Selfie Stick $3.86
Bulk Fortune Teller Fish (144 ct) Fortune Teller Fish $4.60
Bulk Frog Pop-Ups Frog Pop-Ups $0.49
Bulk Fuzzy Car Dice Fuzzy Car Dice $3.53
Bulk Invisible Dog Leash Invisible Dog Leash $6.39
Bulk Jumbo Big Mistakes Eraser Jumbo Big Mistakes Eraser $1.29
Bulk Jumbo Ice Cream Shooter Jumbo Ice Cream Shooter $2.66
Bulk Lightning Balls Lightning Balls $0.81
Bulk Love Meter Love Meter $1.94
Bulk Magnetic Rattlesnake Eggs Magnetic Rattlesnake Eggs $1.40
Bulk Mini Brass Locks Brass Locks $0.58
Bulk Mood Lipstick Mood Lipstick $1.04
Bulk Pick Up Sticks Pick Up Sticks $0.88
Bulk Plastic Army Men Plastic Army Men $4.84
Bulk Rubber Stretch Chicken Rubber Stretch Chicken $1.53
Bulk Special Police Badge Special Police Badge $1.89
Bulk Switch Blade Comb Switch Blade Comb $1.35
Bulk Toy Gun with Bang Flag Toy Gun Bang Flag $1.66
Bulk Toy Potato Guns Toy Potato Guns $1.83
Bulk Voice Changers Voice Changers $10.02
Mini Red Fortune Fish (144 ct) Red Fortune Fish $6.54

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