Discount Fart Pranks

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Everyone gets a good laugh out of fart pranks and gags. We carry everything from the classic, standard whoopee cushion, to stink perfume spray, to mini whoopee cushions which are more discreet. We are a wholesale novelty company who distributes in bulk quantities, allowing us to sell you products dirt cheap.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 12" Mighty Whoopee Cushion 12" Whoopee Cushion $1.30
Bulk 17" Mega Whoopee Cushion 17" Whoopee Cushion $2.63
Bulk 3" Mini Whoopee Cushion 3" Whoopee Cushion $0.32
Bulk 6" Whoopee Cushions 6" Whoopee Cushions $0.59
Bulk 8" Whoopie Cushions 8" Whoopie Cushions $0.72
Bulk Fart Banks Fart Banks $13.06
Bulk Fart Bomb Bags Fart Bomb Bags $0.12
Bulk Fart Clock Fart Clock $18.60
Bulk Fart Finger Pen Fart Finger Pen $3.16
Bulk Fart Lollipop Fart Lollipop $0.57
Bulk Fart Machines Fart Machines $12.84
Bulk Fart Razz Whistle Fart Razz Whistle $0.60
Bulk Le Tooter Le Tooter $4.10
Bulk Morning Breeze Stink Perfume Morning Breeze Stink Perfume $1.96
Bulk Prank Fart Candy Prank Fart Candy $0.63
Bulk Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion Self Inflating Whoopee Cushion $4.29
Wholesale Stink Bombs Wholesale Stink Bombs $0.71

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