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mood jewelry, cheap gags, and key chains
We carry thousands of discount novelties to keep your dollar or general store shelves stocked. Order your dollar items straight from us at discount prices and & save on your inventory costs. This category is not an exhaustive list, browse our site for our full selection of items under one dollar.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 16" Wooden Backscratchers 16" Wooden Backscratchers $0.44
Bulk 3pc Screwdriver Set 3pc Screwdriver Set $0.42
Bulk 6" Toy Slingshots 6" Toy Slingshots $0.65
Bulk Fake Million Dollar Bill Fake Million Dollar Bill $0.25
Bulk Mini Grabber Arms Grabber Arms $0.26
Bulk Novelty Pencils (12 ct) Novelty Pencils $1.16
Bulk Playing Cards Playing Cards $0.77
Bulk Rain Poncho Rain Poncho $0.61
Bulk Small Toy Backscratchers (144 ct) Small Toy Backscratchers $4.89
Bulk Water Games Lot Water Games Lot $0.64

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