Exploding Pranks

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We offer a growing number of exploding practical joke items for resellers and pranksters. Wholesale pricing is available to consumers and businesses, with a minimum order of less than 1 case on most items.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk Bang Mechanism Bang Mechanism $0.49
Bulk Bang Sex Books Bang Sex Books $1.36
Bulk Bang Toilet Seats Bang Toilet Seats $0.88
Bulk Bomb Bags Bomb Bags $0.12
Bulk Exploding Cigarettes Exploding Cigarettes $1.66
Bulk Exploding Golf Balls Exploding Golf Balls $2.48
Bulk Exploding Gum Exploding Gum $1.21
Bulk Exploding Lighters Exploding Lighters $1.50
Bulk Exploding Lipstick Exploding Lipstick $1.34
Bulk Exploding Pen Joke Exploding Pen Joke $1.38
Bulk Exploding Soap Exploding Soap $1.06
Bulk Exploding Wallet Exploding Wallet $1.58
Bulk Fart Bomb Bags Fart Bomb Bags $0.12
Bulk Plastic Strip Caps Plastic Strip Caps $0.57

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