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Rubber snakes, rubber chickens and trick nuts
We offer a creepy variety of fake insects & bugs, great for educational or promotional use, for theatrical or tv use, or for playing pranks on loved ones. We are a bulk discount distributor, which is why our prices are so low. Most plastic insects and bugs for sale have a minimum purchase requirement which allows us to offer low prices for everyone.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Assorted Insects and Reptiles (144 ct) Assorted Insects Reptiles $7.28
Bulk 21" Giant Spider 21" Giant Spider $19.65
Bulk 25" Halloween Spider 25" Halloween Spider $9.92
Bulk Assorted Plastic Insects Assorted Plastic Insects $0.13
Bulk Bug Catcher Set Bug Catcher Set $9.84
Bulk Bug Ice Cubes Bug Ice Cubes $0.62
Bulk Bug in Wood Box Bug in Wood Box $0.51
Bulk Fake Ants Fake Ants $1.38
Bulk Fake Plastic Cockroaches Fake Plastic Cockroaches $0.17
Bulk Glow In Dark Animals Glow Animals $0.05
Bulk Glow Insects and Reptiles (144) Glow Insects Reptiles $4.14
Bulk Instant Worms Instant Worms $86.00
Bulk Jumbo Cockroach Jumbo Cockroach $1.03
Bulk Mini Creepy Spiders Creepy Spiders $1.45
Bulk Spider Rings (144 ct) Spider Rings $1.98
Bulk Toy Butterfly Replicas Toy Butterfly Replicas $0.13

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