Fake Rubber Snakes

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We have a wide variety of fake rubber snakes available from 6 inches to 6 feet long! Whether you need a large quantity of fake snakes for a display, retail resale, or to prank someone, we have exactly what you are looking for. If you are buying rubber snakes to keep in the garden to scare birds away, choose one that is native to your area, (view individual product descriptions for more info). All of our 48" snakes are true rubber and can be uncoiled to lay flat, and are sold individually. We are a wholesale novelty company and sell most styles in case quantities to be able to offer the lowest prices.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 14" Guttzie Snakes 14" Guttzie Snakes $1.93
Bulk 15" Plastic Jointed Snakes 15" Plastic Snakes $0.29
Bulk 24" Toy Vinyl Snake 24" Toy Snake $0.63
Bulk 26" Poly boa Snake 26" Poly Snake $5.79
Bulk 26" Poly Filled Snake 26" Poly Filled Snake $5.79
Bulk 26" Sandbag Snakes 26" Sandbag Snakes $1.41
Bulk 36" Economy Vinyl Snakes 36" Snakes $1.27
Bulk 48" Banded Rubber Rattlesnake 48" Rubber Rattlesnake $3.78
Bulk 48" Blue Malaysian Coral Snake 48" Blue Coral Snake $3.78
Bulk 48" Blue Viper Rubber Snake 48" Blue Rubber Snake $3.78
Bulk 48" Desert Rosy boa Rubber Snake 48" Rosy Rubber Snake $3.78
Bulk 48" Eastern Coral Rubber Snake 48" Coral Rubber Snake $3.78
Bulk 48" Eastern Milk Rubber Snake 48" Milk Rubber Snake $3.78
Bulk 48" European Viper Replica Snake 48" European Snake $3.78
Bulk 48" Gaboon Viper Rubber Snake 48" Gaboon Rubber Snake $3.78
Bulk 48" Garter Rubber Snake 48" Garter Rubber Snake $3.78
Bulk 48" King Gray Rubber Snake 48" King Gray Rubber Snake $3.94
Bulk 48" Palm Viper Rubber Snake 48" Palm Rubber Snake $3.94
Bulk 48" Russells Viper Rubber Snake 48" Russells Rubber Snake $3.78
Bulk 6 foot Fake Python 6 foot Fake Python $21.84
Bulk 6" Rain Forest Rubber Snake 6" Rain Forest Rubber Snake $0.20
Bulk 6" Small Rubber Snakes 6" Small Rubber Snakes $0.20
Bulk 60" Plastic Rubber Snakes 60" Plastic Rubber Snakes $4.18
Bulk Aqua Grow Snake Aqua Grow Snake $1.68
Bulk Wooden Wiggle Snakes Wooden Wiggle Snakes $0.85

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