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We have all types of fun toys that soar through the air. There is no age range for these- even adults can feel young at heart playing with flying toys. They all make great items for goodie bags, prize giveaways, and even small bin resale. We sell in minimum purchase quantities to keep our prices low.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 10" Light Up Flying Disc 10" Light Up Flying Disc $2.79
Bulk 10" UFO Flying Saucers 10" UFO Flying Saucers $1.75
Bulk 18" Flying Disc 18" Flying Disc $3.10
Bulk 19" Plastic Rockets 19" Plastic Rockets $0.96
Bulk 23" Pump Rockets 23" Pump Rockets $1.99
Bulk 3" Saucer Shooter 3" Saucer Shooter $0.19
Bulk 8" Flying Saucers 8" Flying Saucers $0.52
Bulk Dragon Fly Copter Dragon Fly Copter $0.12
Bulk Flying Fists Flying Fists $0.33
Bulk Flying Jet Balls Flying Jet Balls $0.27
Bulk Foam Dart Launchers Foam Dart Launchers $0.90
Bulk Foam Jumbo Finger Fliers Foam Jumbo Finger Fliers $0.49
Bulk Foam Rocket Launcher Foam Rocket Launcher $0.31
Bulk Foam Slingshot Shooter Foam Slingshot Shooter $1.24
Bulk Frog Parachutists Frog Parachutists $0.13
Bulk Glitter Pop-Ups Glitter Pop-Ups $0.24
Bulk Light Up Pump Rocket Light Up Pump Rocket $3.42
Bulk Light Up Slingshot Light Up Slingshot $0.39
Bulk Monkey Parachutist Monkey Parachutist $0.15
Bulk Pocket Folding Frisbees Pocket Folding Frisbees $0.54
Bulk Rocket Balloons Rocket Balloons $0.16
Bulk Spin Top Spin Top $0.44
Bulk Toy Boomerangs Toy Boomerangs $0.59
Bulk Whistle Blow Saucers Whistle Blow Saucers $0.27
Bulk Whistling Flying Saucer Whistling Flying Saucer $0.76
Bulk Zoo Animal Parachutists Zoo Animal Parachutists $0.18

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