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practical jokes and rubber chickens
If you are known as the clown in your family or circle of friends, they would not expect to receive any other gift from you besides a gag gift. Fun appreciation gifts to give to bosses or coworkers for birthdays, achievements, and for the holidays. Proven resale items in small shops and festivals. As a bulk wholesale shop, we have minimum purchase quantities on most items.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk Arrow Through the Head Arrow Through Head $2.64
Bulk Backwards Clock Backwards Clock $8.11
Bulk Bunny Love Box Bunny Love Box $1.02
Bulk De-icer gag box De-icer gag box $1.01
Bulk Generic Toilet Paper Generic Toilet Paper $2.70
Bulk Insulting Parrot Insulting Parrot $12.88
Bulk Laugh Bags Laugh Bags $1.22
Bulk Marvin the Cursing Monkey Marvin Cursing Monkey $10.14
Bulk No Sex til 6 Clock No Sex Clock $9.90
Bulk Road Rage Megaphone Road Rage Megaphone $8.82
Bulk Telescopic Extend-A-Fork Telescopic Fork $3.38
Mystery Gag Gift Mystery Gag Gift $1.12

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