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cheap noisemakers, party supplies and feather boas
We offer many different types of leis to choose from for your themed parties, graduation, and summer BBQs. In order to keep our wholesale prices dirt cheap, most of our products have a minimum quantity purchase. See each item for quantity specifics to order. Be sure to check out our other luau party supplies.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 108" Jumbo Petal Flower Leis 108" Jumbo Flower Leis $1.48
Bulk 36" Carnation Leis 36" Carnation Leis $0.36
Bulk 36" Flower Leis 36" Flower Leis $0.31
Bulk 36" Flower Leis Assortment 36" Flower Leis $0.21
Bulk 36" Large Petal Leis 36" Large Leis $0.63
Bulk 36" Rainbow Flower Leis 36" Rainbow Flower Leis $0.32
Bulk 36" Rainbow Medium Petal Leis 36" Rainbow Medium Leis $0.72
Bulk Adult Raffia Hula Skirt Adult Hula Skirt $3.68
Bulk Artificial Grass Table Skirt Artificial Grass Table Skirt $7.54
Bulk Child Raffia Hula Skirt Child Hula Skirt $2.74
Bulk Flower Leis Assortment Flower Leis $0.40
Bulk Hawaiian Hula Skirts Hawaiian Hula Skirts $2.68
Bulk Imitation Lei Assortment Lei $0.40
Bulk Large Flower Hula Skirt Large Flower Hula Skirt $2.66
Bulk Plastic Hawaiian Leis Plastic Hawaiian Leis $0.18
Bulk Poly Leis Assortment Poly Leis $0.14
Bulk Tinsel Hula Skirts Hula Skirts $2.67
Bulk Two Tone Flower Leis Two Tone Flower Leis $0.49

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