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throw beads, plastic cups, and leis
We are your go-to novelty store for party supplies and decorations. We have everything you need to make your beach party, pool extravaganza, or luau complete. Take a look around and find everything you need for your next event. In addition to these luau inspired party supplies and decorations, we have a full line of party decor.

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Bulk 27" Inflatable Palm Tree 27" Inflatable Palm Tree $2.14
Bulk 36" Flower Leis 36" Flower Leis $0.31
Bulk 36" Flower Leis Assortment 36" Flower Leis $0.21
Bulk 36" Rainbow Medium Petal Leis 36" Rainbow Medium Leis $0.72
Bulk 48" Inflatable Tree with Cooler 48" Inflatable Tree Cooler $14.00
Bulk 66" Palm Tree Inflate 66" Palm Tree Inflate $9.43
Bulk Beachcomber Hat Beachcomber Hat $1.79
Bulk Flower Bracelet Flower Bracelet $0.63
Bulk Flower Bracelet Lei Flower Bracelet Lei $0.84
Bulk Flower Lei Headband Flower Lei Headband $0.68
Bulk Grass Table Skirts Grass Table Skirts $10.80
Bulk Hawaiian Hula Skirts Hawaiian Hula Skirts $2.68
Bulk Hibiscus Flower Hairclips Hibiscus Flower Hairclips $0.35
Bulk Hibiscus Sipper Cups Hibiscus Sipper Cups $0.60
Bulk Luau Flower Bra Luau Flower Bra $1.62
Bulk Luau Flower Curtain Luau Flower Curtain $14.03
Bulk Paper Parasols Paper Parasols $3.78
Bulk Pink Orange Flower Curtain Pink Orange Flower Curtain $10.46
Bulk Plastic Coconut Cups Plastic Coconut Cups $0.96
Bulk Plastic Palm Tree Cups Plastic Palm Tree Cups $1.40
Bulk Rainbow Flower Curtain Rainbow Flower Curtain $14.80
Bulk Tiki Style Bracelet Tiki Style Bracelet $0.16
Bulk Treasure Chest Coolers Treasure Chest Coolers $11.24

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