Mood Rings

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We are bringing back the nostalgia of childhood with our collection of mood rings. Most adults remember having mood, color changing jewelry as kids and now you can introduce the same to your kids! Because we are a bulk novelty distributor, most of our items have a minimum purchase quantity. Please read descriptions for purchase quantities and wholesale pricing.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk Butterfly Mood Rings Butterfly Mood Rings $0.63
Bulk Glow In Dark Mood Rings Glow Mood Rings $0.53
Bulk Icon Mood Rings Icon Mood Rings $0.71
Bulk Mood Necklaces Mood Necklaces $1.44
Bulk Mood Rings Mood Rings $0.56
Bulk Patterned Mood Rings Patterned Mood Rings $0.85
Bulk Shaped Mood Rings Mood Rings $0.91

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