Novelty Award Trophies

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Awards and novelty prizes are great to incentivize good behavior, and to acknowledge a job well done—whether in the classroom, or at home. We sell a variety of different toy coins, medals, stickers and other toys for kids to strive for, all at wholesale prices. We also carry several plastic trophies for stage props or promotional use.

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Name+ Popularity Price

Bulk 4" Gold Cup Trophy 4" Cup Trophy $0.47
Bulk 5" Gold Cup Trophy 5" Cup Trophy $0.51
Bulk Award Trophy Award Trophy $0.64
Bulk Bronze Medals Bronze Medals $0.44
Bulk Ceremonial Gold Medals Ceremonial Medals $0.29
Bulk DIY Award Medals DIY Award Medals $0.31
Bulk Gold Winner Medals Winner Medals $0.17
Bulk Good Behavior Coins Good Behavior Coins $3.94
Bulk Silver Prize Medals Silver Prize Medals $0.44
Bulk Star Trophy Star Trophy $0.46

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